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All Alaska Pediatric Partnership recognized that Alaska lags behind other U.S. states in on-time immunization rates, and relatively low coverage rates present an increased threat of vaccine- preventable disease outbreaks.

AAPP hosted an Immunization Workgroup from 2014 to 2017, with funding from several grants as well as funds from the Alaska Immunization Coalition. In 2018, the activities of the workgroup were transferred to the Alaska Immunization Program to continue the mission to improve on-time immunizations in high-risk infants, starting prenatally through 35 months of age. 
Resource Development and Distribution
  • The AAPP Immunization workgroup developed a variety of outreach resources for use by agencies and providers to educate and support vaccination efforts, particularly in high-risk communities. All resources have been moved over to the Immunization Program   Examples include:
    • Vaccine­Preventable Diseases Photo Book for waiting rooms.
    •  Growth chart that prompts parents on the timing of well child/immunization visits.
    • “I did it by Two” T­shirts that serve as incentive for completion of the childhood  immunization series.
    • “Love me, Protect me, Vaccinate me” vinyl poster for display in waiting rooms,  events, and more. Available in 30x36’’ format.  
    • “Vaccinations across your lifespan” and “Love me, Protect me, Vaccinate me”  posters can be borrowed for health fairs and other events. Available in 24x48”  format.  
  • Monitoring success
    Partnerships and resources are continually shaping to address the needs of high­risk  communities. Current and future endeavors are driven by need and evaluated by  testimony and available immunization data.
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