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We work with our partners to advance the health and wellness of
Alaska’s children and
their families.


We are a unique network of public and private entities committed to all
children in Alaska and to exchanging resources and ideas to promote their health.


We bring a broad range of institutional and community perspectives together to develop collaborative approaches to advancing children's health and wellness.


Working in unison with our partners, we inform policy and advocate for
programs and services for children and their families.

Core Purpose
Excellent health for all Alaska’s kids
The All Alaska Pediatric Partnership will become the leading organization advancing the goal of healthy and thriving children and families throughout Alaska.
Core Values:
Equity & Inclusion
Individualized Solutions
Who we are:
The All Alaska Pediatric Partnership (AAPP) a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization committed to all children in Alaska. Since 1995, AAPP has worked to create a space in which working relationships can grow and help advance positive decisions forward, benefiting the health of Alaska’s kids. Supported by a unique network of children’s health service providers, the state of Alaska Division of Public Health and community groups, we bring a broad range of institutional perspectives together to exchange ideas and develop collaborative approaches that will enhance Alaska’s pediatric resources. We’re a catalyst for improving systems of care through concentrated efforts on chosen initiatives.
A few of the initiatives we have worked on in the past or are currently working on:
  • Initiated and currently leading the planning and implementation of the national Help Me Grow program in Alaska.
  • Production of an Early Childhood System Scan & Baseline Report on the Condition of Young Children in Alaska.
  • Helped establish the Clark Middle School school-based Health Clinic.
  • Participating on the Patient Centered Medical Home Steering Committee (PCMH). The PCMH Steering Committee is a broad stakeholder advisory group that provides oversight and direction to the Title V Program for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.
  • Participated with the State of Alaska Title V section and others to develop a five-year State Plan for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.
  • Helped establish VacTrAK, a vaccine registry for the state of Alaska, which is currently in operation.
  • We supported the increased access for Pediatric Dental Care.
Our annual reports are available for download here. 
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